new life

not sure how i can change round this picture … but hey two minutes ago i did know how to even post one LoL so yes i have a new love … and my own house now … all is going good …and you know what i always aimed to bhappi … to appreciate what i have … and it’s even greater joy when all is good !

so hope to hear from some of you soon x.


5 thoughts on “new life

  1. Now this is the most wonderful post I have seen in a long while.

    good to hear all is sorted.

    Some more details of this story of transformation would be great. You were going to college, last I remember.

    1. hiya lost ! i did wonder how things were going for you ? as for me well i have met a wonderful guy
      its been a few months and things have settled down a lot and its really good x.

  2. So one more year to go I would imagine.
    Great to hear you have met someone who is both good to you and for you. I also assume the kids get along well with him.
    These things are so difficult.

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