everything happens for a reason …

there is a belief that

we all chose this life

we knew we would face certain things

that would make us grow

and be the best we could be

you see you may have forgotten but

you knew you could get through those hard times

and come out even better !

don’t forget the view is best from the top !

”It doesnt matter where youve been what youve done, your destined to be where you are today for life has a predetermined path and you are where your supposed to be ! ” (em x.)



8 thoughts on “everything happens for a reason …

  1. Not sure where I stand with this one…..I know that the things we go through make us stronger – but…..hmmm will have to ponder on this and let u know later! 😉

  2. i like chaos & surprises and do think we choose things that happen to us every day – they are not just written. but i do like a concept of fate as well – again, as a matter of choice. you are what you believe in. so is your life path.

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