new times …

do you know when  it’s  time for a change?

you can feel it

the sense of excitement

a time to have the allure of a new item

a secret smile to yourself

of having a warmth of pleasure

a time to do something different

to make you stop & think

a break from normality

a time to try  a new way of doing things

of learning & knowing you can do it

the spell of of an exciting experience

jitter bugs in your belly

a fab charisma of a new special friend perhaps

a great laugh & giggle

of really great times

the chemistry of a new kiss

the newness of a touch

or perhaps just a new haircut … a new style

that’s me this week ! LoL

have a good sunday





4 thoughts on “new times …

  1. new times include:

    being grateful for all that is in your life at this moment….for me it is:

    my beautiful daughter, her amazing smile that lights up a room – her tinkling laughter, her innocence.

    My home – the ability to keep it, clean it, love it, spruce it up…..

    My job – which allows me the flexibility to keep my home, provide for my lil one and myself…..

    My desire for the ‘Good Life’ which in all reality is my dreams, hopes, goals, wishes and all the best in life! 😉

    It would look something like this……

    MOre than enough $$ to always have good healthy food with lots of fresh vegetables, fruits etc that my lil one likes to eat.

    Enough $$$ to pay all bills on time – to catch up on all past debts.

    $$ left over every week for fun – such as ice cream cones, hot chocolate walks, etc…

    $$$ for clothes, good shoes etc. for all 3 of us!

    $$$ for giving anonymous gifts, surprises away etc….

    $$$ to do activities such as Art Camps, Train Town, Animal Safari’s, Ferry trips to the city, Monteray Bay Aquarium, Sea World, Zoos, going to the ocean, lizard hunting expeditions, trips to Hawaii….etc.

    My ‘Good Life’ would include my perfectly imperfect lifetime playmate like ___________ (names witheld to protect the innocent!! ) where everyday we can make each other smile – are playful, passionate for each other – mutually satisfying each other’s minds, bodies and spirit.

    DOing things together such as having breakfast or lunch together, or taking a hike, hot air balloon ride, riding up vally on our bikes, having time everyday for a good conversation whatever it may be.

    Working on goals/dreams together bothis his & mine.

    Having time for quiet dinners, movie or theatre shows etc together..

    Traveling to places both new and old for adventures such as zip lines, bungee jumping, sky diving (maybe), surfing, jet skiing….

    Traveling to places both new and old for relaxation such as swimming w/dolphins, walking beaches, renewing spirits etc….

    Together supporting my lil one with her needs and challenges, understanding how best to teach her, modeling for her what healthy respectful, honest relationships look like…

    Being able to do family type things such as camping, hiking, dirt-bike riding, rock collecting etc….

    People are inspired by my artwork and want to hire me to do projects for them….

    That everyday – I can help someone in some way have a better journey, a better life, a hope for tomorrow…..

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