my perfect day …

there is a competition at the moment that i could win £5000 for my perfect day – this is mine ( however the website wont accept my description properly so will just hope i get it without winning it)

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 i would wake up all nice and warm,  the sun shining through the window, a gentle breeze coming in the caravan, across my bare arms, i would stretch and pull back the quilt, sitting up, feeling my toes on the soft carpet, and silently being grateful for the new day, and pad acrross to the door, and  smelling the first morning smell of the awning, where the kids were still in their little bedrooms all nice and quiet, sitting on the step i would decide whether to put on flip flops so my feet would feel free, but maybe a little damp,  or would i  put on my wellies, and tuck my pyjama bottoms in them so them would not get the dew on them off the grass, and then would quickly walk across the field, to the old wooden gate where you could feel the shade of the big oak trees, you could smell the fresh morning of being outside in the proper country, but still know you could turn round and see the view,  as  at the bottom of the field, because it slopes down and over the rock wall you can see the sea in the distance, glistening in the early morning light,  and then go to the shower block, bag in hand, look forward to the water cascading my back and then after a while, i would come back to my caravan, where my  older children were now sitting outside, the radio on quiet, and  the kettle was about to whistle, when we all sit and enjoy a first morning coffee, the bacon butties coming next, then their showers, whilst i walked into the local village with my partner and my youngest to get todays loaf, milk and paper, plus a few other bits too, all to get through the day,  bags were sorted out and we all walked down the lane to the beach,  though after another coffee or two, as we would not be in a rush, and at the beach we would sit on our carried down chairs, bats, balls, towels, buckets & spades would be scattered all around us, with a little tent keeping the bags and the picnic etc together, all just enjoying being able to read, chat, splash in the sea, and just generally chilling and having a great beach family day,  the picnic and the flask of coffee would be shared when we were hungry, and the kids would walk up the local shop for ice lollies too, and bringing back a new football, so we all would enjoy a game wtih it, and a couple of others from the next huddle on the beach would come and join in too,  new friends were made, and the younger ones were arranging to  meet at the park at the pub, later this evening, and there would be running races, another game of rounders, and a giant sandcastle or two being  made,  and of course more chilling in the chairs, until we all felt  like we had had such a good day, and the sun was although still warm, was showing us it would be teatime soon, so we slowly packed up, getting ready to walk back up the hill, where we would stop off at the local butchers in the village, and come out with some generously filled bags, and our arms and hands full, we made our way back, where i would simply smile with joy, seeing my new caravan, my place to escape to, all mine, but after we had sorted out the bags, and stuff, knowing that tommorrow we could it all again, if we did not go out for a drive to, it was all possible, becuase we were on holiday and free to chose ourselves, but meanwhile, we would roll out the gas bbq and fire it up, sausages sizzling, joined with burgers and the now favourite  butchers kebabs, with meat and veg and something so tasty on it, you could just smell it, your mouth watered, and the table outside the awning was set, with plates, cutlery, and of course my glass, where when we were all eating i would open my bottle or red, the others having beer or juice, and everything was all chilled,  peace in the air and we could quietly chatter, whilst looking still at the sea down the hill, and i would sit there with my feet up and just savour where i was, all being so lovely, knowing that i could sit there, as the others would do the washing up, do a quick tidy up, even taking the rubbish over to where it got dumped, and as the kids went off in the fading light into the centre of the big field to play their evening fottball game, where all the other children from the larger caravans off the other fields joined them,  they all would give me a hug tell me that they loved me, and i them,  and they would say what a great day they had had, and i would sit there til it went almost dark, torches for the little kids being waved, until it their time to go back to their caravans, whilst we all although it felt like we were sneaking, cross the farmyard, and then the lane into the dark path through the woods, to cross a little bridge over a stream, to where all it was lit up, and  we knew we had reached the pub, voices laughed in the warm evening air, with the music, the kids went to meet their friends in the back where it was the park, where we the adults would join them, after being served a large of trays  of drinks, crips and other goodies, and perhaps chatting with some other couples as we passed,  and more joining us in the garden, where we would catch up with others, see what they had thought of the places they had been to today, and they would be lots of laughter and giggling, watching the kids all mess and have fun too, and there would be an evening smell of outdoor candles, all reminding of what a gorgeous summers day it had been, this warm feeling still with us when we passed the supper place where the kids got a snack to walk back with, and we all quietly happy got ourselves back to the caravan, where the youngsters had to decide to watch a movie, read or get their electric gadgets out  for an hour, while me and my partner just sat and chilled outside, until we decided to retire under a nice warm quilt,  but for now we were both watching for shooting stars, they  being our sign of a good omen, that everything was good, and in the future it would also be good.



hope you enjoy it 😀 bhappi~x~


5 thoughts on “my perfect day …

  1. WOW!! What a perfect day!! I was so there w/you! 😀 It sounds very delightful and somewhat similar to what my perfect day would be. Thanks for sharing – perhaps later if I have time will write about my perfect day and post here for you. 🙂

  2. You have certain put some thought in to that one.

    Sounds just great. Hope you get to have many days like that this summer

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