life just gets better & better …

when all things seem hopeless you must believe that all will come good

from bad things will always come good … eventually

(but you had to keep believing)

here i state  again …that my dream has been since forever is to get to australia . … it has always been on the backburner … but today i state it again …

… life gets better … i am proof of it it does ! …

but you have to decide what you want …

not how you will get it ! …

have fun this weekend




5 thoughts on “life just gets better & better …

  1. ooh sydney wouldbe fab ! have u heard of bill granger the cook ? has a restaurant or three called bills dead simple but lovely stuff.. will go there when i get to sydnay …he’s just moved from sydney to london … silly man lol x.

  2. i haven’t but will remember;-) i want to climb the Coathanger badly (that’s talking about the things we really want in life), I want to watch the harbour from the side of Mrs. Macquarie chair, I want to feed the seagulls in Manly, on the beach… lots of things, actually. feels like i haven’t done this for ages … and I haven’t as i’ve never been there:-)) but i need that. you know, like in thet song by the Rolling Stones – ‘you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need’:-))time to pack our bags?

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