… thank you …

thank you for all the insults, the abuse, the emotional blackmail, the controlling behaviour … all everything that made me stronger … do you know why? ‘cos you made me stronger & now i know i don’t have to take on board anything anyone else does !


i can just go off in my own little world …



3 thoughts on “… thank you …

  1. Very True Freckles.. and sticks and stones!.. We take on board often the hurt, but we can also shed it if we want to.. and not allow it to affect us anymore, While each experience we have ever encounted always adds to our Strength and makes us who we are today..
    Im so pleased you have gained your Strength and Inner Light to carry you onward and forward. Be well.. Dreamwalker x

  2. Never quite thought about it that way…..to be grateful for it…..think I will try that…..maybe it will help take some of the sting away!! It’s not so much about me as it is what is happening to my lil one….

  3. hope she is ok soon laura : been there done that & its hard going … however all goes good … eventually … one day like me hopefully she will just realise that its not her but the other people that have the problem … but the hardest thing is not being able to pick up your loved ones & take them away to safety … which leads onto another thing – no one ever quite believes you nor realises that its not your own fault … unless they have been through it themselves … blessings ~x~.

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