… be grateful …

  … there is no point telling where this idea come from at the mo …

but, think of one thing that you really want

close your eyes and imagine it yours now

what do you feel ?

 happi, content, or even quite excited

just feel it in your whole entire being

wow … it is yours now

smile and feel just good it is

to know its yours

smile about what you have

let your heart rejoice

know this is where your soul has been taking you to

feel it

and again

and again

see how good you feel

you can sense just how great it is

jump up & down 

hugs someone

wave your hands in the air

laugh & giggle

do a merry dance

now for the important thing


thank you

be grateful

now see how great it feels ?

if you ask, believe, (by being grateful)

you are so going to receive

and even if you don’t you’ll still feel good



(if anyone wants to know where this idea comes form then please ask in comments cheers)


please comment ~x~

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