… new season …

so it’s nearly September & this august has been ok …

nothing major just a normal everyday life story …

so i’m wondering as it’s going to be a

whole new autumn & then winter …

what’s it is going to bring with it?

have a great on ~x~


… um … time for a bit of a confession ….

that i must admit …

i know i make out that

i am all for being good 

& for being positive …

that we can improve 

our lot

especially by

changing the way

we think

which in turn 


our feelings …

which in turn can change your life

in fact it does …

… anyway what i want to tell you …


that i love karma

i love the fact 

that everything is working out

for me 

& even better

(wait for it)

… that i am just so glad 

that  some people

are sowing what they reap !!!

… am just so glad that


are getting your comeuppance !

all without one touch of me doing any revenge …


… but if your thinking i am a bitch

well maybe i am

it’s just self-preservation !



… i owe …

my fella a twix … he’s in hospital and in the middle of the night i went for a coffee & a twix – think he would have loved one himself … now i’m the type of person who will keep buying him now lol … what do you think you owe someone that really doesn’t make sense? ~x~