… um … time for a bit of a confession ….

that i must admit …

i know i make out that

i am all for being good 

& for being positive …

that we can improve 

our lot

especially by

changing the way

we think

which in turn 


our feelings …

which in turn can change your life

in fact it does …

… anyway what i want to tell you …


that i love karma

i love the fact 

that everything is working out

for me 

& even better

(wait for it)

… that i am just so glad 

that  some people

are sowing what they reap !!!

… am just so glad that


are getting your comeuppance !

all without one touch of me doing any revenge …


… but if your thinking i am a bitch

well maybe i am

it’s just self-preservation !




6 thoughts on “… um … time for a bit of a confession ….

  1. what goes around comes around.
    Sometimes it is hard not to have a smug little smile when things go wrong for some people, who in the past have given you nothing but shit

  2. At least your being honest!!? !! I think everyone feels this once in awhile. :0 But then again it gets me thinking about when things are looking down for me – who is thinking this about me – that I am getting exactly what I deserve?

    Life happens! Having compassion helps! 🙂

  3. Oh I love the positive thinking and the Karma thing.
    I do think if one does a positive thing it becomes the ripple
    same with negative, which can be huge.
    Lovely poem…well thought out!
    Raven xox

  4. yep i like the karma too … but although i know the compassion should be also a positive attribute of mine … if you knew just how much this person has caused so much heartache (and still doing with his own children) – you would be cheering me on lol ~x~

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