… it’s not even been a year yet …

since i moved to a new house

in a new place

 thought i’d never survive

hard as it was

but i did

& now i know

how true

that being positive

giving out love

& having love

can change our world


i beg you not

never have  a horrid word or thought

about anyone

… cos i know that love never fails …

you get what you give out !




… computers …

so i am now in my third year of uni : sadly my old faithful ‘big’ computer died last week – silly me knows how to save on a memory stick but didn’t save her research off the computer but never mind – just have to work harder now

back to ‘uni head’ on  … well tomoro lol

have fun peeps x.

… old but too good not to repost? …

i wanna be with you.


leaves crunching under us


their red, brown and coppers.


shiny conkers on the ground


just waiting to be picked.


different lights of shadows and light


showing it’s surrealism.


snap of sticks, gravel against the ground,


and the  silence of the noise.


of being outside there


knowing we were alone.


i could feel your smile, your glow


you warmth against the slight chill of the air.


just knowing you were with me


both physically and in spirit


you want to be with me too.



have a lovely day



ps be safe this bonfire night