what i want …

 is one little thing 


a pearl from broome WA !!

have a  great  rest of the weekend ~x~


cloud street

well theres too many poorly people here tonight soi thought i would see if i could whilst i had the chance to watch cloudstreet on youtube – seen a tv made film once on it and it was worth watching BUT tonights its no good i am going to have buy the DVD

then i got to thinking – what other post WWII  set in australia books are they ?

i have just finished the shark net and i did love it – bext £1.25 i spent in a charity shop for a long lol … any ideas anyone ?

just a few ramblings !

well i have found out today i should be having a quarterlife crisis as i am due to leave uni in the next few weeks (i am a mature student must admit) but i can’t wait – bring it on !

i started uni in an abusive marriage who was so scared of almost everything – especially busy buses !! but i have gotten over that – don’t do panic attacks anymore 🙂 but more importantly i got my new home, a new fella and we live with my four children, plus two dogs, a cat, a very young kitten and oh a rabbit ! ans we have had no contact with dh for ages … so its pretty cool – must admit it’s his birthday today ( refused to ‘celebrate’ his own daughters 18th last month) so if i don’t worry about him contacting the kids today- i can just get on with my life – if he messes up more of his own life – well guess it’s tough !!

so now, i am wanting to find a little job & still carry on studying i want to get my open degree from the OU – going to try to do an environmental module in june !  so summers coming – the leafs are all just about to open – the woods at the back of my house are still almost bare but there is little tiny bits of green coming – i love spring ! and when summer is here hopefully it will  be loits of happi times in the sun, bbq, beach and splashing in holiday pools !

just wish there was a magic pill to lose weight but hey thats a way too far too big thing to blog about here lol

so today i am trying to finish off my essay for wednesday – 2500 on the critisms of the black report- the my dissertation ( 10/12000 words on domestic abuse & patriarchal society) needs to be in about three or four weeks time – then 300 words on housing  society and problems (doing ethnicity and housing) and another 2000 words on (shelter and homelessness) and 2500 words on a ‘good death’ … any thoughts ?

(my new aim to be a yoga person !)

so there you do !! have a great day & don’t forget YOU can choose to bhappi~x~