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Be careful. Pinterest is filling you with unattainable dreams about how your life will never be. I know it is blasphemous to say such things about the god fearing pinterest, but it had to be said.

I have a number of problems with what pinterest is doing to you. And so should you.

1. People post dessert far too much. I mean come on. Who eats that much dessert. No one. Not even  the Duggars.

2. You will never have a house with rooms like you pin. Yes that million dollar kitchen you just posted does not exist not for you, not for me, only Blue Ivy. And that bathroom overlooking the jungles of Tahiti, you are more likely to sleep with Johnny Depp than have that house.

3. The I am not pregnant do not have any kids, but pin about my future unborn children. Maybe you are not superstitious…

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  1. I discovered pinterest about three/four weeks back. Apparently, you have to wait for an “invitation”… I’m still waiting 🙂
    How lonnng do you have to wait?!
    Lordy lord.. Anyone would think it was a dinner party to Buckingham palace ! I want them to hurry up though all the interior and cake designs.. it’s the woman’s answer to porn!

    1. oh i got mine within a couple of hours- try again – think they have ‘invites’ so it feels more special – instead of join here like everyother site does ! x.

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