just found this list of mine on an old laptop

  1. drive somewhere nice
  2. sit on a hot beach
  3. stay up all night dancing
  4. go on holiday with all my kids
  5. pass my degree
  6. get a good little job
  7. get a caravan on the site i  want
  8. accept myself
  9. be the best i can be
  10. get a motorbike licence
  11. do proper walking up mountains
  12. lose my weight and keep it off forever
  13. stand next to my man in his suit
  14. find a good yoga class
  15. read loads of books
  16. watch all the movies i have wanted to for ages
  17. go  out with my daughter on a girlie night out
  18. find a lovely meditating thin buddha
  19. find a lovely piece of jasper
  20. have the guts to have what i want pierced
  21. grow flowers and lovely plants
  22. have a big bbq/party in hot summer
  23. get on a plane without nerves
  24. spend everyday being grateful
  25. bhappi.x.

must have been my wishes for this year !

please comment ~x~

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