just a few ramblings !

well i have found out today i should be having a quarterlife crisis as i am due to leave uni in the next few weeks (i am a mature student must admit) but i can’t wait – bring it on !

i started uni in an abusive marriage who was so scared of almost everything – especially busy buses !! but i have gotten over that – don’t do panic attacks anymore šŸ™‚ but more importantly i got my new home, a new fella and we live with my four children, plus two dogs, a cat, a very young kitten and oh a rabbit ! ans we have had no contact with dh for ages … so its pretty cool – must admit it’s his birthday today ( refused to ‘celebrate’ his own daughters 18th last month) so if i don’t worry about him contacting the kids today- i can just get on with my life – if he messes up more of his own life – well guess it’s tough !!

so now, i am wanting to find a little job & still carry on studying i want to get my open degree from the OU – going to try to do anĀ environmentalĀ module in june ! Ā so summers coming – the leafs are all just about to open – the woods at the back of my house are still almost bare but there is little tiny bits of green coming – i love spring ! and when summer is here hopefully it will Ā be loits of happi times in the sun, bbq, beach and splashing in holiday pools !

just wish there was a magic pill to lose weight but hey thats a way too far too big thing to blog about here lol

so today i am trying to finish off my essay for wednesday – 2500 on the critisms of the black report- the my dissertation ( 10/12000 words on domestic abuse & patriarchal society) needs to be in about three or four weeks time – then 300 words on housing Ā society and problems (doing ethnicity and housing) and another 2000 words on (shelter and homelessness) and 2500 words on a ‘good death’ … any thoughts ?

(my new aim to be a yoga person !)

so there you do !! have a great day & don’t forget YOU can choose to bhappi~x~


9 thoughts on “just a few ramblings !

  1. Sounds like you’ve been through a lot but have the world at your feet now. I know where you’re coming from with exes, and I’m glad you’re not letting him bother you anymore. Good luck with yoga and the job hunt!

  2. Not sure about the essays but nicking my daughter’s hula hoop seems to have been a good move as I’m back into jeans two sizes smaller since I did that. šŸ˜‰ Good luck wioth all of it and congratulations on going the distance xx

  3. Hello there…
    Like that your blog is set up wordpress wise like mine. It’s nice you have all those animals. I’m a big critter freak myself. In any event…

    it’s very nice to meet you.


  4. Keep up the great self-work! As you well know (from the books you’ve read) it’s all about the journey, the pages inside of the cover, right? I see you like the “Secret”, try reading (if you already have not) the series of books by Esther and Jerry Hicks (she was also in the ‘original’ “Secret” movie.) Read them in any order that feels right to you and I think that you will really enjoy them! Look forward to future connections..Have a positively positive day!

      1. yes, and I also get daily notes from his site – TUT. The Secret was the first of my intro. into the law of attraction, but I really started to ‘get it’ with the Hicks books and a few others after that. So, keep going and you’ll be happy you did. Thanks for the reply. Have a great day!

  5. Stop worrying about weight, it doesn’t matter! Good things also come in BIG packages!
    I am nominating YOU for The Versatile Blogger Award because…you are so awesome!

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