domestic abuse

guess i have just been reading around blogland and i realise i must start putting pen to paper so to speak … one major point that no one understand is when you are being  abused you don’t ‘get it’ especially if it has started out good … this norm then maybe when you are spoken to horrid you then question  yourself what did ‘I’ do wrong ?



… to be continued …


3 thoughts on “domestic abuse

  1. That is true Freckles. It is quite insidious. And you can’t just snap your fingers and fall out of love with someone. Girls need to know that if it has happened once, it will more than likely happen again. They also need to understand that no matter how much he apologizes, violence and love do not belong in the same sentence and he needs to go (or you).

  2. Hi there, Freckles. You’re not alone. Not in the abuse, and not in the positive aspects of your relationship, either. The first sign of an abusive relationship is adoration, devotion, and a quick entrance into your life coupled with the desire to be all you’ve ever wanted. That is the typical pattern for a man “conquiring” a strong woman.

    There will ALWAYS be a good side to most people, including people who hurt you. My ex bottle fed baby kittens and gave me hour long backrubs and encouraged me that I could be anything I wanted to be. He also, though I never thought he was on the “more violent” end of the spectrum, left me with two herniated disks. You can get hurt. Your body and your soul.

    Jiltaroo is right. It gets worse. It breaks my heart to see how many women end up hurt forever or dead. Violence, pain, shouting, insults – these have no place in a relationship. I hope that you keep reading, keep learning, and realise that it is ok to follow your gut with this and take care of youself.

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