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Thought I may put pen to paper so to speak … Just added this WordPress to my phone so thought I’d give it a try … Anyone still out there ?


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It’s almost Valentine’s Day. I was looking for some Valentine’s Day themed hotties, but got sort of side tracked with guy number three there and ended up with no theme at all. I’m sure you’ll understand why I got distracted. Enjoy!

Valentines guy 1Valentines guy 2Valentines guy 3

The background looks a little weird in that one. Not that I’m focusing on the background or anything…Valentines guy 4Valentines guy 5

And I do hope that last guy isn’t as young as he looks…

Have a great hump day!

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forgiveness …

do you have a sense of dread or guilt over what’s happened in your past ? your experiences or those thinsg you wish you not had seen ?


to be truthful i was very guilty about some of my actions of being a teeneger for years and years & being told and make to feel bad about them


but with hindsight i only did what i thought was right : i only wanted to be loved becuase i was not allowed a pet so i thought i needed someone to like me: so i did everything i could do so they would


 the minute i can undersatnd that i was just a little girl wanting to be loved and i did no wrong


i forgave myself


and it felt good