stressed …

well first it took absolutely ages to sigh in tody – finally i got my email and a new password right – i think lol


anyway what i wanted to blog about what that today i ran the best i had done Рonly 2k ( with cooling it to get my breath back as i am deffo still a beginner) but after learning my body needs rest days Рi now have a knee that wanted to click all day and now as the evening is here am feeling some doms Рso how do you know what is too much  ? any advice please ?


saw this picture in an advert today AND  i so want her stomach !!


have fun ~x~



wordpress or another site ? … plus who i am !!

hiya all !!!

i¬†have been a bit lack with some blogs or even posting .. was trying to find out what other blog sites were like, such as ¬†blogger ? but I cant work it out … anyone else ?

I might just have them email me their posts : such as the book reviewers ( you know I read don’t you ?)


as you may be aware of whom I am¬†or not, well I fist started blogging on spaces and I found some good peeps – thank gawd we all or most of us stayed in contact via facebook whilst WLS went awol … we moved our old blogs to here on wordpress but the community we had doesn’t seem the same


but never mind life changes


I used to have positive thought as well as posting about my life please find my last post  on there at if you do read it you may understand that at that time I was going through domestic abuse РI did start a blog (hence start but did no more work) at


so that was now and here is now ūüėÄ I still am on facebook _ trying to avoid posting too much – as I have a family member doesn’t take too kindly to somethings I post – but never mind – if you get to know me you know that I am shy but can be loud at times but I have a very norti mind ;o)


I also post on facebook some quotes –¬† fb now is hard without paying or doing lots of work to grow your pages numbers¬† … so I tend to just keep it¬† as I still like to be positive – so now I am a part time worker at the beginning of learning of how to run plus a new¬†cyclist – ¬†new aim next year is learn how to horse ride and perhaps go one a new degree course or not ? I want to start being fit and doing zumba and yoga too – just go married to the most amazin man and am happi


so that’s me :d


have a good day Рmy old tagline used to bhappi~x~ but think I might Just use  have fun x.