what i love about today:

what i love about today:

i can stop over-thinking and just enjoy life !


what i loved about today … (new feature)

well I have rediscovered how my body feels so alive just by skin brushing ūüėÄ Image


a nice soapy bath and a fab brush  (although you are supposed to just brush towards the heart


made me all tingle and so alive


what I loved about today ~x~




stressed …

well first it took absolutely ages to sigh in tody – finally i got my email and a new password right – i think lol


anyway what i wanted to blog about what that today i ran the best i had done Рonly 2k ( with cooling it to get my breath back as i am deffo still a beginner) but after learning my body needs rest days Рi now have a knee that wanted to click all day and now as the evening is here am feeling some doms Рso how do you know what is too much  ? any advice please ?


saw this picture in an advert today AND  i so want her stomach !!


have fun ~x~



wordpress or another site ? … plus who i am !!

hiya all !!!

i¬†have been a bit lack with some blogs or even posting .. was trying to find out what other blog sites were like, such as ¬†blogger ? but I cant work it out … anyone else ?

I might just have them email me their posts : such as the book reviewers ( you know I read don’t you ?)


as you may be aware of whom I am¬†or not, well I fist started blogging on spaces and I found some good peeps – thank gawd we all or most of us stayed in contact via facebook whilst WLS went awol … we moved our old blogs to here on wordpress but the community we had doesn’t seem the same


but never mind life changes


I used to have positive thought as well as posting about my life please find my last post  on there at http://gailnadezna.wordpress.com/2011/06/16/this-is-my-old-blog/ if you do read it you may understand that at that time I was going through domestic abuse РI did start a blog (hence start but did no more work) at http://isthisdomesticabuse.wordpress.com/2012/10/09/justin-lee-collins-found-guiltymystory/


so that was now and here is now ūüėÄ I still am on facebook _ trying to avoid posting too much – as I have a family member doesn’t take too kindly to somethings I post – but never mind – if you get to know me you know that I am shy but can be loud at times but I have a very norti mind ;o)


I also post on facebook some quotes –¬†https://www.facebook.com/ImagineAGreatLife fb now is hard without paying or doing lots of work to grow your pages numbers¬† … so I tend to just keep it¬† as I still like to be positive – so now I am a part time worker at the beginning of learning of how to run plus a new¬†cyclist – ¬†new aim next year is learn how to horse ride and perhaps go one a new degree course or not ? I want to start being fit and doing zumba and yoga too – just go married to the most amazin man and am happi


so that’s me :d


have a good day Рmy old tagline used to bhappi~x~ but think I might Just use  have fun x.