what’s your motto ?

when lookign through fb on a runnig page one girl asked whats everyone motto ?


so that got me thinking  .. why dont i have my own ??


i am in  the midst of a chest infection but will be getting bac k to running as soon as  i can … so heres my new motto 




so guys & girls whats your motto ??


have fun ;o) ~x~


new start .. photo of the day …

today we have …Image

a bath 😀 … after yet another day of being poorli i finally got some antibiotics and a sick note form work :o( i dont like being off work never mind losing hours/money etc ( mind you being off work IS good especially when the kids are off school hence NO get up fro the school run But not of work when i am not so well – after having a full nights sleep or supposedly one, waking up shattered is not so good – after a while i am ok unless i need to move or speak then my chest starts so it shows me that no way could i do my job as a check-out chick … well without coughing anyway !!

anyway one thing about not getting to b&q for the special shaped bulb ( like a square circle of a fluorescent tube) i get to have my bath with candles 😀 and one of the books i have read recently gave me an idea of stating to take more proper photos – and come on you all know that my positive quotes (ie my facebook page) don’t really get me anywhere that much – i will carry on with them but thinking i might just use my wordpress as a new place to show hey this is my life !! so here’s my photo of the day !!

so i get tonight to have a chill in the bath 😀 my life #iluvtoday

cheers peeps ~x~


ps & yes i did get new candles before i got in ;o)

i am me … this is my new who i am …


although i know i am not perfect 

i do have an aim of being a non-negative person

i am quite optimistic and positive person 

especially when i realise it’s either time 

to give up or get off my bum

and live my life

but today, after speaking to a colleague

i have decided i will no longer be

negative nor judgemental

i will realise that everybody has their own lives

so what they do is what THEY do

what they do does not need to affect me 

infact i can quite happily live in my own little world

but more importantly is that 

i do need to effect others too

so what my other-people do is their choices

i will not longer suggest what they do

i will simply not be affected nor affect others

i will simply live a simple life and being happi 😀


so i will no longer nag my older children

(note they are not youngsters)

and just be supportive

plus i will deffo

just concentrate

on me

my runs

my diet

my life







(2ND TIME) … editing to see if i can remember what my post said lol


trying to post a new post but my phone did not post it lol

okies .. it works !! .. my phone ( a windows one i love) did not have my current password for wordpress so wouldnt post all my hard work !!

anyway what i wanted to post was that today i have a new bug – the idea that i will deffo deffo get into running … but i have been reading a book by charles linden about stress – i suffer from panic attacks (post DA situation) had one on and pre my two fligts thie summer .. so do i stop my medication and ‘the pill’ so i will lose my weight and just hope my panic attacks are just gone ?
foudn a yogga class on a tues but this week is soooooooooo pay my bills and then next week hoepfully back to being able too treat myself – a happi mom means happi kids ? ;o)

annoying book heroine

am just into this book and the m ain character ruins her life by having an affair – its making me scream why on earth would anyone who was happi runi their lives ?

I can totally understand how someone who is unhappi or in abusive situation needs to get out a marriage – or wants to … but can an affair ever happen when the marriage has been good ??