i am me … this is my new who i am …


although i know i am not perfect 

i do have an aim of being a non-negative person

i am quite optimistic and positive person 

especially when i realise it’s either time 

to give up or get off my bum

and live my life

but today, after speaking to a colleague

i have decided i will no longer be

negative nor judgemental

i will realise that everybody has their own lives

so what they do is what THEY do

what they do does not need to affect me 

infact i can quite happily live in my own little world

but more importantly is that 

i do need to effect others too

so what my other-people do is their choices

i will not longer suggest what they do

i will simply not be affected nor affect others

i will simply live a simple life and being happi 😀


so i will no longer nag my older children

(note they are not youngsters)

and just be supportive

plus i will deffo

just concentrate

on me

my runs

my diet

my life








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