good morning :D

how come when ever there is loads to do

you can always finds something to do on the computer ?

 yeah i’ve changed my name on this blog

 i intend to do more posting about books, positive quotes and running !




have fun ~x~


Tease … a five star review :D

oh my gawd … there i was thinking there was no good books out there anymore ..

TeaseNEW2 and here’s Coop !! 

not only do we heat … and a VERY hot book
but we have humour and depth to this story 

its a tale (without giving away any secrets) of a male escort who although he does love his job at times (and how wouldn’t) does it for a means to an end

however … there is this girl .. will they or won’t they ? 

i loved this book i could have cried buckets at one stage, it made laugh and also made me think … certainly worth buying this 😀

Tease … ” Male escort. That got your attention”


so guess what book i have been allowed to review Before the release day ?

i feel sooo happi that i got to be chosen

so we have a new view of smutty book stuff 

form a male view

who likes a bit of growler action WOWEee

he certainly gets my vote already ;o)





 so i best get on with reading then


have fun guys & gals 


parents … wish to be liked or do ”them” good ? …


are we as parents more likely to want to be liked, or hated? is it  that we are teaching them 

how to be a better person; take my daughter whose been off

work and now thinks as she is going back soon

she can have two weeks off to chill so no keep, no housework

and even helping around yes i get it that my youngest one

IS my responsibility to get to school

(but i get a load of verbal bull if i try to push and yet i am the one that she tells me that i never give her advice and the like)


BUT surely if someone is not taught 

that she needs to get out  of bed in the morning 

then surely i am not being a good a good mom ?




ps question of the day : why did i show a picture of sydney ??


They Are Existing, I Want To Live.

love this 😀

If Only It Was That Simple.

Sometimes I feel lost. Like my life isn’t going anywhere. I try to be the best I can be. But it doesn’t always go to plan. I don’t know about you…but everyone around me seems to do the same. They get up, they go to work or school, they come home, eat then sleep. Then they do the same everyday. Well, that is until the weekend. The two days of the week where they can do whatever they want. So what do they do? Sit there…doing nothing. Maybe infront of the latest episode of ‘The Xfactor’. They are existing. Just existing. I don’t want to do that. I want to be that person that lives. I want to be the one who gets them-self out there. Travels. Meets new people. Loves life.


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just how great is this life !!


Wow, there’s so, so, so much love in the world!

How come I didn’t always see it,

night and day,

here and there,

between every blink, word, and moment?

How could I have ever felt sad, alone, or down?

I’m so, so, so grateful just to be…

especially to be me!




it’s always great to wake up the morning after a down day

and know that all is ok 

i will survive and life will be great again !


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