xmas pudding to beach babe in 6 easy steps …


eat less


run more


be more active


drink alcohol less

perhaps aim for three nights not seven


have less sugar & refined foods


eat & live more mindfully


from 15dec to 15june


this is my aim ~x~




looking forward & not backward …

are you like me and have a focus upon someone who may make yourself like you not so much ?

those who nag criticise or  are just plain not nice to you ?

it seems like these others can’t just get on with their lives without

making themselves feel better 

by belittling you? 

it drives you insane

and yet you know its just someone else’s opinion 




it seems like



and it hurts

that they cannot see who you are …



AH HA !!! but i have a plan 

 this negative issue that people have with me is not me


it is THEM !!


so from now on i will change every negativity into something so positive that i will have the last laugh 


for example 

those sort of family members who think they’re better than me and don’t include me in their nice lives

those sort of friends who only want you when it suits them


well guess what ?

i am so happi NOT to have anything to do with you !!


the last laugh is mine !!