am i doing enough ?

now i am starting slowly at training – my big aim is  three good runs  a week up to 1ok and get into size 12 jeans (british) 

i have gone all healthy eating : not very much starches for tea … no processed food

(well much much less than i was – did have pizza last night)

i have also changed my drinking habits – lot less alcohol than i was (bottle of red on wed with greys anatomy & some dark chocolate, & hopefully some prosecco on a sat night)  

doing plus i am drinking water … OMG i aint having more than two or three coffees a day now that’s amazing ! 

some running – not as much a i should be doing be doing – need to be more stricter with myself

and some sit-ups & bits ‘n bobs of dvds/youtube etc (no stomach exercises sine my last child 8 years ago ???)

well his little blog has made me realise that yes i am doing some BUT NOT ENOUGH !! oops ;o)

Image(i want her back !!)

so i guess the answer is NO … any tips ? 



6 thoughts on “am i doing enough ?

  1. Not commonly (or ever) talked about on my blog, I struggle with this everyday. What I’m about to say might come off terribly, but although I’m an asshole, I’m not trying to be one.

    You can always do more. Eat less, work out harder, but at some point you sacrifice a lot of happiness. I wake up everyday and put myself through hell trying to get into a size 2. Yeah, a 2. Why you ask? Because everyone wakes up unhappy with their body in some areas. I’ve given up everything, breads, dairy, fruit, I literally live on vegetables and chicken. Am I happy? Some days, but the desire to reach your goals has to balance out what you give up.

    You’ll get into those 12’s, you just have to want it.

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