Book review ARC from net galley
So anyone of you love the dala lama like me? Believethat we are more than we seem? The infact a little unbelieved fact that we had veins and arteries a few hundred years ago us actually fact now. Do we all bekieve that we the power to think our bodies healthier?
Wow this book is well is not intense cos that would sound like it was heavy going hit its not its really interesting. The personsa  account makes this book acertain must read for all thowe into mind over matter


The calories in calories out cookbook by catherine jones review

This book review isbased onthd ARC  I receieved from net galley
So obviuosly its a pre publication so no need to review spelling etc.

Basically this book seems dead honest the more calories we eat : the more we need to burn off : and why this basic thought works which in turn makes this book different: notonly doyou have a what but you have a why its inportant.

It goes on to explain &show that it’s not just lessening carbs or fats: its actually making useofthe good fats to allow our bodies to shine.

I totally love the descriptions in the recipes : they make your mouth water such as coating with maple syrup yum yum ! When you start to read a new meal there is a lovely passage about the new food especially helpful when it’s a new one to try.

Even more helpful is thehow to dos such as broiling : how to this say with salmon: this is a brill idea especially for the non chefs of us. And even more (you can tell I like this book?) is when the authorhasnade an effort to explain what some items are such as in the chapter that goes on to say what certain spices and stables are .

Many of the photos are very appealing which would I think personally like to read this book in hardback : but that’s the basis of what kind of book you prefer. A very well thought out book.


I totally love this ***** book