i am going to be a writer ..

i decided last year that i was going to be a runner & although its taken some time i can safely say that i am indeed a runner now … i dont run long distances nor am i fast … but that will come in time … or at least its what i want!

yesterday in one of my magazines that come through the post was a competition to enter a choice of trail races i’ve entered for the nearest and shortest one- being five miles in the lakes in oct which would be fab … i did the race for life two weeks ago and wow what a difference it is to run with others … * really need to start doing the park runs … soon !

if i do get this place then i will get some more new stuff … buying running stuff is soooo fab … no worries about whats in fashion … i get what i like ! but also you get to be trained and followed by the mag asin need to write a blog … hey i shaid to myself i can do that anyway ! so here am i yet again making another choice .. this is my blog ! i am gail i am 44 and am a newbie runner i got my degree two years ago but love my check out chick job ..not sure whether i should try to get into uni next sept for teacher tarining? i would love to work and go on holiday every year … especially like now !! lol i would like  a caravan to be ableto go to in the sun by the beach in wales but also have a little cottage bolthole in a little town an hour or so from here.. i like law of attraction and am currently interested in mindfullness, yoga and trying to hget the courage to go back into a class at the gym … last week it took fiVE days to stop the doms !!

so there you go here i am 


i am back blogging so please say hello and i shall try to follow more of you 

thanks and dont foget bhappi~x~


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