running ..

so ? .. running .. its supposed to have made me lose weight
its supposed to have made me fitter
but what it has indeed done
is get me much more friendly on facebook lol
there’s one page that i have gained an enormous knowledge of what to do to run
what to eat … well to be truthful what this information has done is give me the ummp

just need to do it .. now !! ;o)

but there is one page where runners can run for the less abled people such as children and send them pictures and what i want to do if i ever get matched is send the child my medal when i race

so here’s to the future runner in me !!
and this new year ( actually no .. this new month !!) i will be back on it !!



Miss independent …

By the time I am 50 I want to be independent …
A nice little job … *tick
Go the gym & run … *tick (got to push myself more)
Bhappi with my weight hair etc … Um not quite
Have a good social life … 😞
Be driving around myself in my own little car … (Must do soon)

In fact I have less than six months before I 45 … Wondered this morning … Can I do it ? … Only money and my determination can bring it on !!!

Do epic … Bhappi~x~

bright side … don’t be looking at life that way .. live it !

best rules

1) don’t cry for me i had the most amazing life … smile, laugh, ”bhappi” … no crying!
2) life everyday as its your last !
3) be spontaneous … make room for fun !
4) don’t judge each other … keep your eyes on yours and your nose out of everyone else’s unless invited .. help … don’t judge !
5) dance your ass off !
6) Treat friends like family !
7) let yourself love !
8) take time to watch the sunset every once in a while … bonus points if you share it with someone you care about !
9) Do epic !


taken from bright side by kim holden

did not finish ..

anyone else not FINISH a book? … i seem to think life is far too short to read a boring book or even worse a book that has got on the bandwagon such as those after 50’s !
take one yesterday … mind you in was readding it work but having the hero meet his new gf
( i presume they will get together) but when he ws also getting a bj … did not do it for me ! i think i will leave the bikers alone to live their lives .. same of those in the s&m club whom i loved but dont need to read anymore
i do want to try the one night books but maybe in time ..

so what books am i loving the mo ? well in the middle of my paperback ( have one on the go then also read an ebook) bright side
which i love
i did love which was different but seem to think the ending was weak
i absolutely loved
and before also

i am goign to try and review more books in details as time goes by as i have a few to review but life gets in the way !!

oops ..

think i should start to reblog again
so who am i now ?

i am still a reader … i must start to review more especially recently i have been reading some great books 😀
still trying to get fit but not running recently not as much as i should has my bad chest helped ! tring to do some weight and classes too

so who are you ? please comment it would be great to have more interaction