skinny rules

Make Contingency Plans: To avoid unhealthy eating, encourage exercise, resist temptation, and guard against that first slip, create your own internal scripts for dealing with difficult situations. 2. Consciously Push Back: Notice your automatic thoughts and pinpoint which kind of “distorted” thinking you’re engaging in. Develop the mental muscle to deal with setbacks (aka the cascading shame from inevitable slipups). 3. Reengineer Your Environment: Rig your home, office, and social life to accentuate the people, places, and things that support your goals, and deemphasize (or eliminate) those that don’t. 4. Challenge Yourself: Boredom is the gateway to overeating and sitting around like a lump on your couch. Keep your mind engaged and excited about something other than the monotony of your daily responsibilities. 5. Rest for Success: You can be engaged, excited, focused, and energized only if you are rested. Protect your sleep, and find time for even small moments of relaxation. 6. Dress for Thin: Don’t hide behind your baggy clothes, however comfortable they are! Reap the psychological and physiological benefits of clothes that really fit (or that remind you of the weight you want to lose). The Skinny Rules Recap RULE 1: Drink a Large Glass of Water Before Every MealNo Excuses! RULE 2: Don’t Drink Your Calories RULE 3: Eat Protein at Every Meal—or Stay Hungry and Grouchy RULE 4: Slash Your Intake of Refined Flours and Grains RULE 5: Eat 30 to 50 Grams of Fiber a Day RULE 6: Eat Apples and Berries Every Single Day. Every. Single. Day! RULE 7: No Carbs After Lunch RULE 8: Learn to Read Food Labels So You Know What You Are Eating RULE 9: Stop Guessing About Portion Size and Get It Right—for Good RULE 10: No More Added Sweeteners, Including Artificial Ones RULE 11: Get Rid of Those White Potatoes RULE 12: Make One Day a Week Meatless RULE 13: Get Rid of Fast Foods and Fried Foods RULE 14: Eat a Real Breakfast RULE 15: Make Your Own Food and Eat at Least Ten Meals a Week at Home RULE 16: Banish High-Salt Foods RULE 17: Eat Your Vegetables—Just Do It! RULE 18: Go to Bed Hungry RULE 19: Sleep Right RULE 20: Plan One Splurge Meal a Week how to be skinny don’t want to be skinny but strong but do want to be slim so my life us starting to be better … Today ! 



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