too good not to post ..

someone has just asked me to post the frog story off my profile to a group on facebook … so here it is !

The Fairy Story …

Once upon a time, there was an unmarried princess who ruled her land wisely and well. She made the laws, collected the taxes and was loved by all her subjects.

One day, when she was sitting by her lake, a frog hopped out of the water. “Hello Princess” said the frog. I am not really a frog at all, he continued. I am, in fact, a handsome prince. A wicked witch turned me into a frog. However, if you kiss me I will regain my handsome human form. I will then marry you.

You can have my children and care for them. I would like about eight. You can wash my clothes and cook my meals.You can keep the palace clean and tidy. I will take over as ruler and enforce the laws. I will be King. I will collect the taxes and keep all the money. I will, of course, give you a generous allowance for household expenses.”

Later that night, when the princess was dining on sautéed frogs’ legs in a tarragon, cream and brandy sauce, she said to herself: “I don’t fucking think so!

stock see this previous blog of mine for more on DA info if you want x


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