Back in it .. 

Back in the zone  

 I am desperate to lose some weight 

Look better and feel great

Enjoy what clothes i wear & so on

I keep toying with the idea of going back to slimming world as I have a 12 week free course but need a docs note saying that my arm has healed enough since my op/accident 

I really want to clean eat & be nutritionist healthy  

 But nothing will work without my doing the hard work … All the treats … Be them savoury and my red … I still need to do it properly 

So from now I will count cals .. 1750 enough to be running etc … Enough steps … 12000 a day when not in work … Excercise dvd’s etc … New plan starts ! Will stick to it ..  Coz I can do it ! 



Diet ..  Do it or die …

is it that important ? Do I want to look and feel that much better ?  What do you want to look like ?


Are you prepared to work ? & I mean really work for it ?

You certainly don’t get like this by sitting on your bum doing nothing but eat !


You can do it .. You just have to believe you can …,  

Who do you wish to be. 


The choice is yours! Can you do it ??

20 things about me … 


  1. Was brought up in born again Christian churches 
  2. Have two siblings … Sisters has two boys .. Brother has two boys and a girl … I gave three boys & a girl 
  3. Passedy driving test years ago but never drove by myself *need to change this !
  4. Have freckles and ginger boys in my  hair … Mum & gran had proper ginger hair … No kids had any
  5. Lived in Carlisle when a kid
  6. Also in Lagos in Nigeria
  7. Have three dogs & a two cats
  8. Love my little job … Wouldn’t want to change it for a stressful one 
  9. Trying to lose weight when older is the hardest thing ever .. Used to be stick thin but that was being anorexic/bullemic
  10. In the summeri am always in the garden 
  11. I love to read … Used to be that kid with a torch under her blankets with a book … Now my eyes are going I can’t do that much … Or is the wine ?
  12. I want to get into cross stitch this year with knitting and using my cm camera properly
  13. I always need something to look forward to
  14. I believe In the law of attraction
  15. I couldn’t wait to get old so I didn’t need as much sleep … Like my gran used to stay up late .. I just wake up in the middle of the night !
  16. I prefer savoury foods than sweet
  17. I avoid conflict … Hate hassle … But at home I can argue great ! 
  18. Had my ears pierced several times plus my nose and belly button
  19. Want a tattoo but no courage … Yet !
  20. Always wanted to go to australia … Probably still is my dream !

When we were all on wls we would be able to tag our friends … Not sure if I can do this .. On my phone ? So if you’re reading this then please post 20 things about you and let me I will come visit you cheers 



How many of you are like me ? … Have all the exercise equipment but it just stays on the floor of the bedroom in the corner ? What does it take to start ? Come on we all know when we start doing it .. It feels great ! So what’s the biggest thing that you all have or use to get off ones bum ?