deep down … i am ?

 i have an announcement … so please read ;o)

who are you anyway deep down ? … have you decided who you really are ? have you been told ?

it makes me wonder why you all chose to believe what you do? do we all know why we do what we do? …

take the example that some people believe anything to do with spirits & mediums is evil …but then when you realise that they must have learnt this in church then you can understand ..if the church is wanting to control you (like when the mill owners wanted their workers to do as they were told they wanted them to go to church on sundays) 


belief should come from you !

you should be free



i have come to be this age

(see next post to come)

and realised

i don’t care

if i live in a house with a mortgage or not

(ok whatever would be cheaper would be better)

i don’t care

if my children have fantastic jobs holidays & cars

i just them to be healthy & #bhappi

i just want to live a life worth living

i don’t care

if i don’t have the best phone or clothes

or whatever is the in-thing-of-the-moment

i just want what i like

i don’t care

about feeling sorry for myself

or wanting to be someone else

i just want to be me


deep down i am a hippie .

..peace out man

i believe in …










i just to experience life

i want to have different adventures

i want to have my own existence

awareness of being

enjoy culture

encounter others & places

enjoy events with such joy

triumph in my life

actually many people think success is only shown through what job you have or what your house is worth or what you car you drive (i would love an old car that is basic such a hippie van)

but really deep down

i want to beseen know

that i did my best

i got through things i survived i lived

to feel good

deep down i am a hippie 


does that make me different ?

oh gawd i hope so !!

have a good spring break !


ps don’t forget to #letyourpinkchakrasparkle


please comment ~x~

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