20 things about me … 


  1. Was brought up in born again Christian churches 
  2. Have two siblings … Sisters has two boys .. Brother has two boys and a girl … I gave three boys & a girl 
  3. Passedy driving test years ago but never drove by myself *need to change this !
  4. Have freckles and ginger boys in my  hair … Mum & gran had proper ginger hair … No kids had any
  5. Lived in Carlisle when a kid
  6. Also in Lagos in Nigeria
  7. Have three dogs & a two cats
  8. Love my little job … Wouldn’t want to change it for a stressful one 
  9. Trying to lose weight when older is the hardest thing ever .. Used to be stick thin but that was being anorexic/bullemic
  10. In the summeri am always in the garden 
  11. I love to read … Used to be that kid with a torch under her blankets with a book … Now my eyes are going I can’t do that much … Or is the wine ?
  12. I want to get into cross stitch this year with knitting and using my cm camera properly
  13. I always need something to look forward to
  14. I believe In the law of attraction
  15. I couldn’t wait to get old so I didn’t need as much sleep … Like my gran used to stay up late .. I just wake up in the middle of the night !
  16. I prefer savoury foods than sweet
  17. I avoid conflict … Hate hassle … But at home I can argue great ! 
  18. Had my ears pierced several times plus my nose and belly button
  19. Want a tattoo but no courage … Yet !
  20. Always wanted to go to australia … Probably still is my dream !

When we were all on wls we would be able to tag our friends … Not sure if I can do this .. On my phone ? So if you’re reading this then please post 20 things about you and let me I will come visit you cheers 


please comment ~x~

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