What happens if … 

Everything you have been through … 

Was just in preparation for the greatest adventure of your life ?


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We are more. We are more than the tragedies and the beauties that have got us to today. We are more than the dreams that are guiding us to tomorrow. We are more than our feelings and our thoughts and our body language and our voice. We are more than the shades of skin on our bones. We are more than our identities and our culture. We are more than our triumphs and our failings. We are more than our truths and our confusions. We are more than our laughter and our sadness. We are more than our demons and our angels. We are more than our habits and our quirks. We are more than our suffering and our healing. We are more than it all and that's why we can trust and soar and crawl and stop and start. We can dance with our demons rather than fear them. We can feel scared and yet not be controlled by our fear. We can face it all. We can look straight into the eyes of strangers and friends and enemies and not turn away in shame, because we are more and we are discovering ourselves anew each and every day. You are able. You can face your past. You can face life. You can walk boldly. You are all of the above and more. You are enough. You are full. Let yourself be it all. No straight jackets. No selective processes. Allow every part of your being to breathe and the mystery of your soul will unfold within. You will surprise you. Whatever aspect of yourself that comes up today, tell yourself quietly "I am more and I am always enough" and then befriend it, learn of you, of that aspect of you. We no longer need hush our souls anymore. We no longer need edit ourselves. Stop ourselves. Hide from ourselves. Hold ourselves back…We can do this. We can live whole, entire, and know every part of our beings. #poetry #poem #inspiration #tribewomanrise #truemeaning #truth #trueyou #wisdom #peace #bravenbeautyfull #tribe #wearemore #mystery #safe #truemeaning #wearemore #demons #angels #dancewiththemall #story #honour #magic #selfacceptance

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And then come tell me … What you think ? I am newly single … All because I won’t be living unhappily !