Treat yourself 

As your best friend would do .. Say today it’s Halloween and lots will be dressed up at work 

I don’t like it as I feel a fool if I don’t recognise someone 

But if I was my best friend I would ‘well Hun … You’re not supposed to !’

Then it doesn’t feel as bad ~x~

(Be your own best friend by Michelle Gorman)


Trapped like a butterfly

Some years ago I posted a blog 

With a fab picture (which I will find again one day)  about being stuck in a net 

I wanted freedom it I didn’t want to lose my house my kids my friends my life 

Life was pretty awful …but I always had my hope …

I wanted not to lose everything … But in the end … Having to save myself I had to … I thank the universe I did not lose those most precious to me for long … And the thing that I did end up losing I have ended getting better such as a home in a better place & a lovely little job instead of being isolated at home … I sadly did not have friends I could take me with me but those that count are still in touch.
It’s taught me to believe in myself I can do this thing called life and what ever happens … I have to be ok !! 

Truest that all will be ok and don’t be scared … Well you can be but more importantly … Be brave ..  Go for things that you can bhappi~x~