havening …

imagine being free ?

not having the past overwhelm you ?

being allowed to be normal?

being able to be free ?  

just reading about the technique of  havening … this could be the making of me !!



my predictions for 2016 … 10STEPS

  • a great feeling
  • a greaf sense of self worth
  • knowing that i can & will actually do the work  
  1. do training plan properly means something everyday ! be it 10 squats every pee to actually doing a full yoga session properly which means i do get to fit in my jeans well !
  2. eat clean 80% of the time but also have a treat if been good on a sat night
  3. do my 10km runs on a tuesday well 
  4. wear makeup & do my hair enough times to look better
  5. have a nice tidy ‘n clean house all the time
  6. do enough reading both fiction & those that help me better myself
  7. all my bills debts & shopping monies all in good working order with plenty for spare
  8. a lovely holiday just what we all needed
  9. plenty of days out experiences trips to the beach including walking up my fave hill for a sunset view of the sea and other things to do on sundays which is a day off not just for cleaning !
  10. enough friends to talk to and perhaps that one special person that makes an effort

perhaps overthinking And imagining doesnt alter the furure … so whats the pointnif worrying about whar if’s? … but what happens if the energy we do put out does infact alter things ? … surely its better to be all grear positive happi thoughts ? 
namestè ~x~
ps bhappi … remember it’s a choice !


bit delayed … as normal 

but i opened my page-a-day calendar today (actually i forgot about it but whilst painting my front room i happened to see it on my bokshelves)

so i missed a few days … 

a couple stand out to me … infact it always the beach that catches jy eye ! 

this one especially in zanzibar looks amazing ! think i certainly could have a good couple of weeks there !

plenty of chilling laughing & lots of frolics 😉 
namestè x .

looking in the wrong place …

now i have been for six months i thought i would have a look at tinder

been in pof but thats not for me nor are the ones that you pay for however i once upon a time thought that to pay for a match you would get the fellas seriously looking and not those without money … but i have changed my mind i dont need a man that is desperate to pay for a date !

so back to tinder .. the weirds, the  dive all ins, the shreks, the i need sex, all far too much for me ! 

it struck me yesterday that i have been looking for happiness by meeting someone… i dont need someone else to clarify how happi i am !  all i need is a new house a decent size kitchen and just be happi everyday with me !!
namesté x.