La mapriposa libre

this is a working blog and being i can change whenever i want to …

so now at this moment i have three aims to blog about
1) reading … i am an avid bookworm
2) i believe in being positive 
2) runner!

  1. I like Wine
  2. I live in my own little world
  3. By the time I am 50 I will be fit and independent with lots of happiness times

20 thoughts on “La mapriposa libre

  1. Thank You MeFreckles for subscribing to me…I am thrilled to see you. I do not know who you may be or if I knew you on WLS…but that is okay. I love positive people as you may read my silly blogs and some more serious poems I am very positive.
    Raven xox

  2. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
    – John Lennon

    Bravo on all the progress you’re making!

  3. You’re a very positive person, I can tell. Always a pleasure to meet people like yourself. Have a great day, and keep spreading the sunshine around. It makes a difference to people. 🙂

          1. Well, recovery days ARE essential, especially when you’re just building endurance like we are! So I’ll take my rest days. 😉 But, you can always cross train on your off days- bike, lift weights, or do a pilates or yoga video! 🙂

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I look forward to exploring yours in more depth soon. Good luck with your running……I have only recently made changes in my life regarding physical activity…took a while, but I like it!

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