confession … 

… i have a secret … one that i don’t like to admit … 

i have little self belief

now whether or not it is the same or not as self confidence i am not sure … i can act all happi & cheerful in the most such as at work etc & even more importantly put on a face meeting family at get to gethers & the like

but deep down my self belief in me is so negative … all it takes is one criticism or a rejection & i fall to the floor 

i do pick my self up but that initial feeling of i am not good enough is not good

i do know i have to start looking positively (next new post to happen) but what else should i do ?




stop holding yourself back … if your’e not happy … make a change !

i saw this image when i clicked on pinterest this morning but then all the new loaded

pins uploaded on my phone and i lost it … thank goodness i found it …

its so me today … i went into town but did not run !

i did not  put my fitbit on and therefire have not counted my steps

i am linked to irun4michael where runners ‘run’ for non-abled children and i really need to get my act straight !

so from now  … it was the eclipse when i got into town

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i have now decided today that i will save every single £2 coin

i will do my running and will post to show my little buddy (#irun4derekgage)

that i can do it !

i will do my 12000 steps a day

i will do my ‘diet’ now that theres a point is it slimming world is it clean eating is it healthy eating ?

i should call it somehting else  … a more positive phrase ..

good stuff regime

 my new regime 2015


Stop being your own worse enemy 

curtesy of  spirt & destiny magazine

Are you criticising yourself too much?

Are you sabotaging your own happiness ? 

Relationships … Are you trying to win every argument & not looking for a win-win situation ?

Would you language be able to change how you get along ?


Is the way you believe & therefore act harming your wealth ?

do you need to change your mindset to become more positive ? 


Is your chance of succeeding being hampered by not having enough vision ?

What do you want ? Can you see it ?

Can you feel it?