Far too much ? Or too little?

 Just read on another blog about a blogger constantly weighing herself and only eating 600 calories a day … It got me thinking how do we know we’re doing too much or little ? 

Who is to say what’s the right thing ? Is eating less and looking thin what we should be aiming for ? Or if we don’t limit or calories do we therefore get fat ?

Slimming world for example doesn’t count calories but yet people are losing weight left right & centre ? How does that work ?

Then there’s the clean eating tribe (not grown or had a mother don’t eat it)  are we not biologically made to eat natural ?

Then there’s the brigade that’s what social policies have made us eat with leaning on carbs to fill our stomachs after being told (wrongly they admit) that fats are bad for us ! How many of us really live on bread and crisps ? 

Does anyone really have the answer ? We could also look at the fact that excercise doesn’t limit Our weight in fact makes us eat more ! 

Does anyone really know what’s best ?

Have a good weekend chicks & fellas bhappi~x~