new expression 

so as in my job i serve lots of people & at the moment i am trying to start a new form of  saying ‘bye-bye’ … have noticed the posh people’s way of saying ‘bye-now’ but it doesn’t sit well with me ..  i say hi hun or hunni (hunni-babes if was really feeling cute) so to go with that i think i might start saying ‘see-ya’ as in see you later ! what do you say ? 

i also have realised that (due to being in a strict born again evangelical church & seeing a girl getting her bad boy who was a non christian become one at a billy graham convention n years later they are well to do good family etc .., i think as a youngster) i looked for a bad boy thinking he would be my knight ! 

it didn’t work … so now i aint doing well finding a guy … but i am only accepting good guys … this girl has raised the bar ! 

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see ya ūüėČ ‚ô° x. 


confession …¬†

… i have a secret … one that i don’t like to admit … 

i have little self belief

now whether or not it is the same or not as self confidence i am not sure … i can act all happi & cheerful in the most such as at work etc & even more importantly put on a face meeting family at get to gethers & the like

but deep down my self belief in me is so negative … all it takes is one criticism or a rejection & i fall to the floor 

i do pick my self up but that initial feeling of i am not good enough is not good

i do know i have to start looking positively (next new post to happen) but what else should i do ?

the gift …

hello there … well i guess for those peoplw who have known me quite a bit … that i have believed in the law of attraction … for a couple of years … especially since the secret book came out by rhondra bryne and her film, then mike dooley and a couple of people and her other book the power … however today i opened her new book called the magic and it has 28 days worth of lessons – or homework as you may say … so as you may or not know i¬†believe¬†that changing how you think directly¬†changes¬†your feelings ! you may be interested in my old blog- ¬†¬†where i tried to bhappi whilst living with a not so nice person ( no longer a victim but we are all survivors – me and my children)

so today i have to list ten gratitudes (the new book the magic)

1) i am¬†truly¬†blessed to have … ¬†my fella¬† ¬† ¬†because …¬†he makes me so happi !

2) i am so happi and ¬†grateful for … my children¬†¬†because …¬†they make my life fulfilled !

3) i am truly grateful for …¬†my home because¬†….¬†it is lovely just to laugh & chill !

4) with all my heart , thank you for …. my life¬† because …¬†it rocks !

5) i feel so blessed for …¬†my experiences i am having¬†because …¬†i am having a ¬†ball !

6) i am so grateful that i am almost finishing my course because …¬†i have learnt that i can do things !

7) thank you for …¬† my¬†health which is good¬†because …¬†on monday i am going to start a new routine of doing yoga !

8) i am so happi that i have … the pleasure of being¬†grateful¬†because¬†when i am, it feels good !

9) what a pleasure i have with … my children¬†because …¬†no one else has mine !

10) i really do appreciate … the ability to live¬†because¬† i have so much more to get !

bgrateful bhappi ~x~