Five years old 

Happi birthday to my blog ! Now gets the thing I cannot keep going on with positive quotes or my experiences with an ex or two but what I will do is blog about my life I am 45 and by the time I am 50 I want to fit … So here goes my blog is going to the best blog in fitness ! Watch this space x


Back in it .. 

Back in the zone  

 I am desperate to lose some weight 

Look better and feel great

Enjoy what clothes i wear & so on

I keep toying with the idea of going back to slimming world as I have a 12 week free course but need a docs note saying that my arm has healed enough since my op/accident 

I really want to clean eat & be nutritionist healthy  

 But nothing will work without my doing the hard work … All the treats … Be them savoury and my red … I still need to do it properly 

So from now I will count cals .. 1750 enough to be running etc … Enough steps … 12000 a day when not in work … Excercise dvd’s etc … New plan starts ! Will stick to it ..  Coz I can do it ! 


I need to do this … 

Oh I am so good at planning … At what I want to aim for …  

But just find it so hard to get going

It’s just having that ‘right I will do it now’

  My aims:

  1. To get fit faster & thinner !
  2. To drive by myself
  3. To have a tidy clean house all the time

How am I going to do it ?

  • Do exercise dvd (before work)
  • Run on a Tuesday (long/10km)
  • Do exercise dvd on a wed
  • Do yoga on a thurs (before work)
  • Run on a Thursday (sprints)
  • Do exercise dvd on a fri
  • Rest on sat
  • Run on a Sunday (hills)
  • Everyday do – weights abs & 20000 steps with Fitbit – carry on trying to eat well (clean eating)
  • Drink water between 9 am & 4 pm (means no coffees with sugar all day)
  • Clean up every time I see a need 

When am I going to start ? 

Today !

So that means no more putting it off … No more sitting here in the settee having another coffee with checking the Internet … I also will read everynight ! Try knitting & cross-stitch (pick my new glasses up later) .. 

Think I may just be ready to do this !! ‘Cos I can ! 

Have a good day … Would love to know your new regime Pinterest board lol) 

#keepyourpinkchakrasparkly ~x~ 



stop holding yourself back … if your’e not happy … make a change !

i saw this image when i clicked on pinterest this morning but then all the new loaded

pins uploaded on my phone and i lost it … thank goodness i found it …

its so me today … i went into town but did not run !

i did not  put my fitbit on and therefire have not counted my steps

i am linked to irun4michael where runners ‘run’ for non-abled children and i really need to get my act straight !

so from now  … it was the eclipse when i got into town

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i have now decided today that i will save every single £2 coin

i will do my running and will post to show my little buddy (#irun4derekgage)

that i can do it !

i will do my 12000 steps a day

i will do my ‘diet’ now that theres a point is it slimming world is it clean eating is it healthy eating ?

i should call it somehting else  … a more positive phrase ..

good stuff regime

 my new regime 2015


Stop being your own worse enemy 

curtesy of  spirt & destiny magazine

Are you criticising yourself too much?

Are you sabotaging your own happiness ? 

Relationships … Are you trying to win every argument & not looking for a win-win situation ?

Would you language be able to change how you get along ?


Is the way you believe & therefore act harming your wealth ?

do you need to change your mindset to become more positive ? 


Is your chance of succeeding being hampered by not having enough vision ?

What do you want ? Can you see it ?

Can you feel it?


Far too much ? Or too little?

 Just read on another blog about a blogger constantly weighing herself and only eating 600 calories a day … It got me thinking how do we know we’re doing too much or little ? 

Who is to say what’s the right thing ? Is eating less and looking thin what we should be aiming for ? Or if we don’t limit or calories do we therefore get fat ?

Slimming world for example doesn’t count calories but yet people are losing weight left right & centre ? How does that work ?

Then there’s the clean eating tribe (not grown or had a mother don’t eat it)  are we not biologically made to eat natural ?

Then there’s the brigade that’s what social policies have made us eat with leaning on carbs to fill our stomachs after being told (wrongly they admit) that fats are bad for us ! How many of us really live on bread and crisps ? 

Does anyone really have the answer ? We could also look at the fact that excercise doesn’t limit Our weight in fact makes us eat more ! 

Does anyone really know what’s best ?

Have a good weekend chicks & fellas bhappi~x~