I need to do this … 

Oh I am so good at planning … At what I want to aim for …  

But just find it so hard to get going

It’s just having that ‘right I will do it now’

  My aims:

  1. To get fit faster & thinner !
  2. To drive by myself
  3. To have a tidy clean house all the time

How am I going to do it ?

  • Do exercise dvd (before work)
  • Run on a Tuesday (long/10km)
  • Do exercise dvd on a wed
  • Do yoga on a thurs (before work)
  • Run on a Thursday (sprints)
  • Do exercise dvd on a fri
  • Rest on sat
  • Run on a Sunday (hills)
  • Everyday do – weights abs & 20000 steps with Fitbit – carry on trying to eat well (clean eating)
  • Drink water between 9 am & 4 pm (means no coffees with sugar all day)
  • Clean up every time I see a need 

When am I going to start ? 

Today !

So that means no more putting it off … No more sitting here in the settee having another coffee with checking the Internet … I also will read everynight ! Try knitting & cross-stitch (pick my new glasses up later) .. 

Think I may just be ready to do this !! ‘Cos I can ! 

Have a good day … Would love to know your new regime  http://pinterest.com/gailnadezna/new-regime-2015/(my Pinterest board lol) 

#keepyourpinkchakrasparkly ~x~