my predictions for 2016 … 10STEPS

  • a great feeling
  • a greaf sense of self worth
  • knowing that i can & will actually do the work  
  1. do training plan properly means something everyday ! be it 10 squats every pee to actually doing a full yoga session properly which means i do get to fit in my jeans well !
  2. eat clean 80% of the time but also have a treat if been good on a sat night
  3. do my 10km runs on a tuesday well 
  4. wear makeup & do my hair enough times to look better
  5. have a nice tidy ‘n clean house all the time
  6. do enough reading both fiction & those that help me better myself
  7. all my bills debts & shopping monies all in good working order with plenty for spare
  8. a lovely holiday just what we all needed
  9. plenty of days out experiences trips to the beach including walking up my fave hill for a sunset view of the sea and other things to do on sundays which is a day off not just for cleaning !
  10. enough friends to talk to and perhaps that one special person that makes an effort

perhaps overthinking And imagining doesnt alter the furure … so whats the pointnif worrying about whar if’s? … but what happens if the energy we do put out does infact alter things ? … surely its better to be all grear positive happi thoughts ? 
namestè ~x~
ps bhappi … remember it’s a choice !


i can dream

my toes in the warm lapping water 

a loving hand in mine

gentle breeze across my sun-touched shoulder

all i feel is relaxed & happi 

take me my darling infinite universe 
namestè x.

We are not here to … 

Just exist … We are to succeed … To find what makes our soul sing … 

We are not here to rely on others bug to find our inner strength …

It’s the truth in us … That decides if we are living the life we chose !


The single life for 

  Me !!
Yes … I am now single

I now get into a nice bed

Unless my puppy has been there before !

I get out no hassle no stress and I am loving it ! 
Maybe I should rename this blog as the single happi mom ! 


Six weeks …

I give you 6 weeks …

To change …

To say hello …

To be nice to me …

To let me come visit …

To give your time to me …

To ask me on a date …

To show me you love me …

To fall in love with me …

To call me …

To come see me …  

6 weeks I give you … Or else 

I always give things 6 weeks … I always have hope that what I want will happen … I always give myself 6 weeks … I always have determination that I will change …  

Oh hang on …

What was that ? Oh I see !

It’s me that needs to alter ? 

What happens if I stop asking people to be nice … To do what I want …

I give myself freedom ! Ain’t that even better

From now on … I no longer have to see what others do first to see I am happi … I can bhappi now ! 

And so can you !~x~



Sending sparkles of 

 love ‘n happiness ~x~



UN international day of happiness 

What is happiness ? Is it being in the true sense of knowing no sadness ? Can we know it true ? Can it last indefinitely ?

What is happiness ? Is it just enjoying the moment ?  I think perhaps it is … I think it’s knowing that there has been on the fast & there will be other future times when all is not happi … just to smile & know that now all is fine 😃

 It’s seeing the funny … It’s being thankful … It’s just enjoying oneself … It must be & has to be spreading some joy around to others …


sounds like an oxymoron ?  International day of happiness by a group that almost just thought of peacekeeping within wars ! … If anyone else really knows what they do then please comment thanks ~x~