I always wanted to go to … 

India …  

 Because it sounded exotic … But then I watched   

doesn’t seem at nice advert all the dirt & bustle 

Also I wanted to go to 


Because of the jungle (adversity of people) and beaches  in tenko


But after seeing the jungle in TV in real life seems too scary 

After childhood visitors from Australia & my love of sullivans  

Actually does anyone know what happened to kitty?? She was my fave ! 

And the many many TV & books etc I still want to … Actually my fave film  


Was set both Malaysia & Australia .. 

Make me wonder where in the world would ‘I would love to go there’ …

 In actually based on what we have seen or read ?

 Take rural France  


looks fab from my collection of French films I used to have  

 (naughty or funny) 

Even my current love for Turkey is based on one or two holiday pictures ..   

Even though when I watched this  


I swore I wouldn’t go lol
So my new love of  


Outlander makes me want to go to Scotland  


But guess what ! … I have already been there! Yes to that castle and yes I love Scotland ! 

New wish list: family holiday in lanzorote  


Romantic trip to Scotland away from everyone ! 

Trip to Turkey without kids !  


Sounds like a plan !  


You can’t have a dream come true … Without imagining it first !


Are you a FOMO ? 


Do you constantly check facebook? see what others have been up to ? Are they having more fun than you ? 

 Or really do you wish you yourself was  something different ? Or going places or having fun ?

Or are you like me ?

would you rather be on a hot beach than nipping into the supermarket for dinner ?

 Are you a FOMO ? Fear of missing out.  

Personally I know I would be having my own life !



mothers day … what does it really mean ?

does it mean we have pretend that everything is fine & dandy?

does it mean what ?


i tell you what it does mean

it means we have to decide that we appreciate who we have in our lives

or who we once had

they our moms or those who were in the moms role

that goes for the great dads out there too that replace a female

we have to be thankful

we have to grateful

what we don’t need to to be constantly

reminded that we need to spend money

on people to appreicate our mims

all we need do is  say

thank you !


ps btw my own mom is on holiday down under and in the last few hours has become a new nanna (9th time over 21 years not bad eh ? ) !!

i am going to be a writer ..

i decided last year that i was going to be a runner & although its taken some time i can safely say that i am indeed a runner now … i dont run long distances nor am i fast … but that will come in time … or at least its what i want!

yesterday in one of my magazines that come through the post was a competition to enter a choice of trail races i’ve entered for the nearest and shortest one- being five miles in the lakes in oct which would be fab … i did the race for life two weeks ago and wow what a difference it is to run with others … * really need to start doing the park runs … soon !

if i do get this place then i will get some more new stuff … buying running stuff is soooo fab … no worries about whats in fashion … i get what i like ! but also you get to be trained and followed by the mag asin need to write a blog … hey i shaid to myself i can do that anyway ! so here am i yet again making another choice .. this is my blog ! i am gail i am 44 and am a newbie runner i got my degree two years ago but love my check out chick job ..not sure whether i should try to get into uni next sept for teacher tarining? i would love to work and go on holiday every year … especially like now !! lol i would like  a caravan to be ableto go to in the sun by the beach in wales but also have a little cottage bolthole in a little town an hour or so from here.. i like law of attraction and am currently interested in mindfullness, yoga and trying to hget the courage to go back into a class at the gym … last week it took fiVE days to stop the doms !!

so there you go here i am 


i am back blogging so please say hello and i shall try to follow more of you 

thanks and dont foget bhappi~x~