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we don’t know what’s going to happen … but we have to keep moving forward with what we have & let the universe do her stuff 


new expression 

so as in my job i serve lots of people & at the moment i am trying to start a new form of  saying ‘bye-bye’ … have noticed the posh people’s way of saying ‘bye-now’ but it doesn’t sit well with me ..  i say hi hun or hunni (hunni-babes if was really feeling cute) so to go with that i think i might start saying ‘see-ya’ as in see you later ! what do you say ? 

i also have realised that (due to being in a strict born again evangelical church & seeing a girl getting her bad boy who was a non christian become one at a billy graham convention n years later they are well to do good family etc .., i think as a youngster) i looked for a bad boy thinking he would be my knight ! 

it didn’t work … so now i aint doing well finding a guy … but i am only accepting good guys … this girl has raised the bar ! 

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see ya 😉 ♡ x. 

confession … 

… i have a secret … one that i don’t like to admit … 

i have little self belief

now whether or not it is the same or not as self confidence i am not sure … i can act all happi & cheerful in the most such as at work etc & even more importantly put on a face meeting family at get to gethers & the like

but deep down my self belief in me is so negative … all it takes is one criticism or a rejection & i fall to the floor 

i do pick my self up but that initial feeling of i am not good enough is not good

i do know i have to start looking positively (next new post to happen) but what else should i do ?

a new face…

he was too young to be giving the eye, actually pretty damn hot he was, though surely after finishing work, crossing the road it wasnt him. but, it was, sat in the large window of the takeout, obviously waiting for his meal which was joining in with the blueray and box of beers, that he’d bought through her checkout. she blushed, not only were her arms and leg now out of syn, she felt like she was stumbling not sure whether to keep going or just look directly at him. she knew he was watching her, she could feel herself redden … 

Trapped like a butterfly

Some years ago I posted a blog 

With a fab picture (which I will find again one day)  about being stuck in a net 

I wanted freedom it I didn’t want to lose my house my kids my friends my life 

Life was pretty awful …but I always had my hope …

I wanted not to lose everything … But in the end … Having to save myself I had to … I thank the universe I did not lose those most precious to me for long … And the thing that I did end up losing I have ended getting better such as a home in a better place & a lovely little job instead of being isolated at home … I sadly did not have friends I could take me with me but those that count are still in touch.
It’s taught me to believe in myself I can do this thing called life and what ever happens … I have to be ok !! 

Truest that all will be ok and don’t be scared … Well you can be but more importantly … Be brave ..  Go for things that you can bhappi~x~