new expression 

so as in my job i serve lots of people & at the moment i am trying to start a new form of  saying ‘bye-bye’ … have noticed the posh people’s way of saying ‘bye-now’ but it doesn’t sit well with me ..  i say hi hun or hunni (hunni-babes if was really feeling cute) so to go with that i think i might start saying ‘see-ya’ as in see you later ! what do you say ? 

i also have realised that (due to being in a strict born again evangelical church & seeing a girl getting her bad boy who was a non christian become one at a billy graham convention n years later they are well to do good family etc .., i think as a youngster) i looked for a bad boy thinking he would be my knight ! 

it didn’t work … so now i aint doing well finding a guy … but i am only accepting good guys … this girl has raised the bar ! 

please comment or like if you read this 

see ya 😉 ♡ x. 


iluvtoday (inspirations)

as some as you aware my blog was originally freckles on spaces .. where everyday day i would try to post positive quotes … when that site retired 😦 i went onto create a page on facebook called gail’s daily quotes

i am in the middle of trying to change its name .. so please wish me well !

also i have now been matched with the organisation called #irun4micheal where runners run and post/share their runs with less abled children i got matched to a little boy last couple of weeks and he is gorgeous – just been admitted to a hosptal as he is unwell so please wish #irun4derekgage well thanks !!

looking forward & not backward …

are you like me and have a focus upon someone who may make yourself like you not so much ?

those who nag criticise or  are just plain not nice to you ?

it seems like these others can’t just get on with their lives without

making themselves feel better 

by belittling you? 

it drives you insane

and yet you know its just someone else’s opinion 




it seems like



and it hurts

that they cannot see who you are …



AH HA !!! but i have a plan 

 this negative issue that people have with me is not me


it is THEM !!


so from now on i will change every negativity into something so positive that i will have the last laugh 


for example 

those sort of family members who think they’re better than me and don’t include me in their nice lives

those sort of friends who only want you when it suits them


well guess what ?

i am so happi NOT to have anything to do with you !!


the last laugh is mine !!




new start .. photo of the day …

today we have …Image

a bath 😀 … after yet another day of being poorli i finally got some antibiotics and a sick note form work :o( i dont like being off work never mind losing hours/money etc ( mind you being off work IS good especially when the kids are off school hence NO get up fro the school run But not of work when i am not so well – after having a full nights sleep or supposedly one, waking up shattered is not so good – after a while i am ok unless i need to move or speak then my chest starts so it shows me that no way could i do my job as a check-out chick … well without coughing anyway !!

anyway one thing about not getting to b&q for the special shaped bulb ( like a square circle of a fluorescent tube) i get to have my bath with candles 😀 and one of the books i have read recently gave me an idea of stating to take more proper photos – and come on you all know that my positive quotes (ie my facebook page) don’t really get me anywhere that much – i will carry on with them but thinking i might just use my wordpress as a new place to show hey this is my life !! so here’s my photo of the day !!

so i get tonight to have a chill in the bath 😀 my life #iluvtoday

cheers peeps ~x~


ps & yes i did get new candles before i got in ;o)

wordpress or another site ? … plus who i am !!

hiya all !!!

i have been a bit lack with some blogs or even posting .. was trying to find out what other blog sites were like, such as  blogger ? but I cant work it out … anyone else ?

I might just have them email me their posts : such as the book reviewers ( you know I read don’t you ?)


as you may be aware of whom I am or not, well I fist started blogging on spaces and I found some good peeps – thank gawd we all or most of us stayed in contact via facebook whilst WLS went awol … we moved our old blogs to here on wordpress but the community we had doesn’t seem the same


but never mind life changes


I used to have positive thought as well as posting about my life please find my last post  on there at if you do read it you may understand that at that time I was going through domestic abuse – I did start a blog (hence start but did no more work) at


so that was now and here is now 😀 I still am on facebook _ trying to avoid posting too much – as I have a family member doesn’t take too kindly to somethings I post – but never mind – if you get to know me you know that I am shy but can be loud at times but I have a very norti mind ;o)


I also post on facebook some quotes – fb now is hard without paying or doing lots of work to grow your pages numbers  … so I tend to just keep it  as I still like to be positive – so now I am a part time worker at the beginning of learning of how to run plus a new cyclist –  new aim next year is learn how to horse ride and perhaps go one a new degree course or not ? I want to start being fit and doing zumba and yoga too – just go married to the most amazin man and am happi


so that’s me :d


have a good day – my old tagline used to bhappi~x~ but think I might Just use  have fun x.