i can dream

my toes in the warm lapping water 

a loving hand in mine

gentle breeze across my sun-touched shoulder

all i feel is relaxed & happi 

take me my darling infinite universe 
namestè x.


Five years old 

Happi birthday to my blog ! Now gets the thing I cannot keep going on with positive quotes or my experiences with an ex or two but what I will do is blog about my life I am 45 and by the time I am 50 I want to fit … So here goes my blog is going to the best blog in fitness ! Watch this space x


There is a thought that we have already decided which life we will live before we are born … Perhaps you know deep down that all will be ok … You know that Your loved ones love you & will be always with you … Sadness isn’t that great but perhaps it’s just part of  life that has to become a positive for others … ~x~


i am going to be a writer ..

i decided last year that i was going to be a runner & although its taken some time i can safely say that i am indeed a runner now … i dont run long distances nor am i fast … but that will come in time … or at least its what i want!

yesterday in one of my magazines that come through the post was a competition to enter a choice of trail races i’ve entered for the nearest and shortest one- being five miles in the lakes in oct which would be fab … i did the race for life two weeks ago and wow what a difference it is to run with others … * really need to start doing the park runs … soon !

if i do get this place then i will get some more new stuff … buying running stuff is soooo fab … no worries about whats in fashion … i get what i like ! but also you get to be trained and followed by the mag asin need to write a blog … hey i shaid to myself i can do that anyway ! so here am i yet again making another choice .. this is my blog ! i am gail i am 44 and am a newbie runner i got my degree two years ago but love my check out chick job ..not sure whether i should try to get into uni next sept for teacher tarining? i would love to work and go on holiday every year … especially like now !! lol i would like  a caravan to be ableto go to in the sun by the beach in wales but also have a little cottage bolthole in a little town an hour or so from here.. i like law of attraction and am currently interested in mindfullness, yoga and trying to hget the courage to go back into a class at the gym … last week it took fiVE days to stop the doms !!

so there you go here i am 


i am back blogging so please say hello and i shall try to follow more of you 

thanks and dont foget bhappi~x~

good morning :D

how come when ever there is loads to do

you can always finds something to do on the computer ?

 yeah i’ve changed my name on this blog

 i intend to do more posting about books, positive quotes and running !




have fun ~x~

i am me … this is my new who i am …


although i know i am not perfect 

i do have an aim of being a non-negative person

i am quite optimistic and positive person 

especially when i realise it’s either time 

to give up or get off my bum

and live my life

but today, after speaking to a colleague

i have decided i will no longer be

negative nor judgemental

i will realise that everybody has their own lives

so what they do is what THEY do

what they do does not need to affect me 

infact i can quite happily live in my own little world

but more importantly is that 

i do need to effect others too

so what my other-people do is their choices

i will not longer suggest what they do

i will simply not be affected nor affect others

i will simply live a simple life and being happi 😀


so i will no longer nag my older children

(note they are not youngsters)

and just be supportive

plus i will deffo

just concentrate

on me

my runs

my diet

my life







(2ND TIME) … editing to see if i can remember what my post said lol


trying to post a new post but my phone did not post it lol

okies .. it works !! .. my phone ( a windows one i love) did not have my current password for wordpress so wouldnt post all my hard work !!

anyway what i wanted to post was that today i have a new bug – the idea that i will deffo deffo get into running … but i have been reading a book by charles linden about stress – i suffer from panic attacks (post DA situation) had one on and pre my two fligts thie summer .. so do i stop my medication and ‘the pill’ so i will lose my weight and just hope my panic attacks are just gone ?
foudn a yogga class on a tues but this week is soooooooooo pay my bills and then next week hoepfully back to being able too treat myself – a happi mom means happi kids ? ;o)