So true



(2ND TIME) … editing to see if i can remember what my post said lol


trying to post a new post but my phone did not post it lol

okies .. it works !! .. my phone ( a windows one i love) did not have my current password for wordpress so wouldnt post all my hard work !!

anyway what i wanted to post was that today i have a new bug – the idea that i will deffo deffo get into running … but i have been reading a book by charles linden about stress – i suffer from panic attacks (post DA situation) had one on and pre my two fligts thie summer .. so do i stop my medication and ‘the pill’ so i will lose my weight and just hope my panic attacks are just gone ?
foudn a yogga class on a tues but this week is soooooooooo pay my bills and then next week hoepfully back to being able too treat myself – a happi mom means happi kids ? ;o)